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Type and features of sterilizer

Steam Sterilizer Formaldehyde Steam sterilizer EtO Gas sterilizer H2O2 Plasma gas sterilizer
Sterilant Steam gas Formaldehyde gas Ethylene oxide Gas Hydrogen Peroxide gas
Process time Sterilization: 1h 30min. Aeration: need for cooling time Sterilization: 30 min Aeration : 5~6 hrs.( Total 6 hr) Sterilization: 2~6 hrs Aeration : 8~12hrs.( Total 10 ~ 15 hr) Sterilization : 25~55 min. Aeration : x
Safety Non toxic Operator , Patient : Toxic Carcinogenic gas Strong regulation Operator , Patient : Toxic Environment disruption (CO2, CFC) Carcinogenic gas Strong regulation Operator, Patient : Non-toxic (H2O , O2) Environmental Friendliness
Installation Electricity, water piping system,boiler or steam supply system Electricity, water piping system,boiler or steam supply system Electricity and gas pipe Independent place with aeration system Electricity only
Process temperature / Pressure High temperature (121~135℃) High pressure Low temp : 70~75℃ Low pressure Low temperature (35~60℃) Humidity : 40~80% Low pressure Low temperature (40~60℃) Dry Low pressure
Major feature High pressure, High Temperature Cellulose material compatible Low cost Relatively inexpensive Not widely used Strong penetration Humid and heat sensitive device compatibility