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  • Sterilization agent (Cassette)

    PURE series sterilant cassette are designed to provide user with convenience and safety.
    Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2 aqueous solution)
    Shelf-life: 12 months from manufacturing date in refrigerator (2~8°C)

  • Self-contained Biological Indicator

    User can verify sterilization efficacy biologically by using bacteria spore (Geobacillus Stearothermophillus) defined in USP.
    Pure series BI is convenient to use and shows the sterilization results (culture medium color change) within 24 hours.
    In case of sterilization failure, Soybean casein digest Culture color change to yellow indicating spore growth.
    Storage condition : Do not store it with any sterilant or disinfectant. detergent.

  • Chemical indicator ( CI Tape & CI Strip)

    Pure series CI is indicator to check chemically if sterilization was failed or not.
    In case of Sterilization success, the indicator color changes Blue to Pink and can be checked visually.
    Storage condition : Do not store it with any sterilant or disinfectant. detergent.
    Do not expose to light for a long time, keep it inside the cabinet or dark bag (at room temperature).

  • Roll Tyvek Pouch

    After sterilization with pouch pack, medical instruments can be secured from contamination to be stored for a long time.
    As high density fiber material, it passes air and gas but bacteria.
    Front : Polyethylene + Polyester. Rear : Tyvek®
    Sealing Temperature : 115 ~ 130 ℃
    Size: 75mm ~ 400mm (width)

  • Non-woven packing sheet

    It is used to pack sterilizing item, and it passes air and gas but bacteria.
    Non woven sheet package is enable to transfer device containers or medical instruments to points of use without recontamination and keeps safe storage after sterilization process

  • BI incubator

    Incubator to check sterilization result with biological indicator.
    Incubating temperature and time: 58 2 ℃, 24hr

  • Tray Basket

    Stainless steel

  • Printer Paper

    54(W) x 40 (Ø)mm , Thermal paper