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Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer

Major features

  • Front LED process monitoring device

  • 2-tiered shelves (Stainless steel chamber)

    Spacious usable volume

  • Color-coded Touch screen

  • Sterilizing agent cassette ( 7 cycles /cassette)

  • Thermal Printer ( Graph & Cycle information)

  • Operating Switch / USB/ LAN Port

    PURE 40 / 50



  • Sterilization chamber

    Wide & Deep chamber dimension
    Durable Stainless steel(SUS) chamber
    2-tiered shelves ( Removable )
    Easy to open & close door system

  • Sterilizing agent (PURE 40 / PURE 50)

    Cassette for multiple cycle (Patented technology)
    7 cycles/cassette
    Easy to change & load
    Constant H2O2 dose system
    Barcode system for tracking information
    100% sealed capsules (leak protection for storage/ transportation)

  • Embedded computer system

  • Cycle parameters graph

    (Screen display, Print-out)

  • Cassette graph display

    (Count of remaining capsules)

  • LED Display for process monitoring

    (Patented technology)
    Color-coded Circle LED which can be recognized from more than 10m distance
    Progressive bar for elapsed time, Error status , Completed status, Cycle stage display

  • Wide Touch screen

    PURE 40/ PURE 50 : 7” wide color-coded Touch monitor
    PURE 120/ PURE 120D : 10” wide color-coded Touch monitor

  • USB & LAN port

    Sterilization data download into USB
    Universal Storage & Reading device (USB) without memory reader
    LAN for Remote service extension

  • PM Alarm

    Alarm for periodic PM (Preventive Maintenance) cycle
    Print-out for PM schedule

  • Cutting-edge Plasma Technology

    High voltage plasma
    Low cost for replacement

  • Automatic sliding door (PURE 120 / 120D)

    Foot switch operation (hands-free)
    Vertical sliding door
    Double safety door sensor

  • Embedded Thermal Printer

    Print data: Sterilant information, Daily&Total cycle, Cycle parameters, Cycle time & date, Cycle status, etc.
    No Ink cartridge required

  • User log-in system

    Multi-user log-in system
    Security for sterilizer
    3 levels log-in system

  • Embedded cart (PURE 40/ PURE 50)

    Spacious storage cabinet
    Mobile whe