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PURE 120(D)

Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer


Main function

ㆍCassette type steilant(4~14 cycles) for multiple use
ㆍ3 programmed cycles
ㆍGraphical cycle process information
ㆍGraphical sterilant level information
ㆍUser log-in function
ㆍUSB cycle data backup / Ethernet Port
ㆍElectric plug only
ㆍNo water, plumbing facility required
ㆍCycle cancel function
ㆍAutomatic sterilant gas evacuation process if electric power is lost during sterilization.
ㆍLED Display for process monitoring
ㆍAlarm for materials & excess humidity
ㆍHydrogen peroxide(H2O2) gas & Plasma technology
ㆍSelf-diagnosis function
ㆍEnvironment friendly, No toxic by-products (Vapor H2O, O2)
ㆍVisual and Audible alarm
ㆍSAL: 10-6
ㆍElectric power failure alarm
ㆍEmbedded Computer (MS Windows system).
ㆍConstant dose of sterilant for every injection phases (Capsule type).
ㆍSound volume adjustable from monitor screen.
ㆍAutomatic sliding door system
ㆍPM(Preventive Maintenance) alarm
ㆍNo booster and endoscope adaptor required.
ㆍStainless steel chamber
ㆍAutomatic cassette Loading & Eject system
ㆍDouble Door system ( PURE 120D)

Device Compatibility

Items Sterilization Program
Surgical Scissor V V V
Defibrillator V V V
Ocular Lens V V V
Camera V V V
Light cable V V V
Electrosurgical Forceps V V V
Rechargeable Battery V V V
Laparo-scopes V V
Arthro-scopes V V
Teflon lumen device
(More than 1Ø (ID) x Shorter than 10,000 mm (L) )
Stainless steel lumen device
(More than 1Ø (ID) x Shorter than 500 mm (L) )
Flexible lumen with one end closed.
(More than 2Ø (ID) x Shorter than 1,500 mm (L) )
Tubing V V
Drill V
Medical device with Silicon pad V
In sterile container V
Flexible endoscope
(More than 1Ø (ID) x Shorter than 3,000 mm (L) )
GI endoscope V
Cysto-scope V
Uretero-scope V
Hystero-scope V
Broncho-scope V
Sheath V
TUR set V
Handpiece V