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WELCOME to Zeronitec in MEDICA 2017 Exhibition !

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Dear our valuable partners and customers, 

MEDICA 2017 will be held in Germany from 13th h to 16th November 2017. 

So, we hope to see you,  and  Zeronitec's PURE series H2O2 Plasma sterilizer  with cutting-edge technology will be in the show. 

Therefore, we highly encourage that you prepare for meetings with us and have all your attentions to our new products. 

Should you require further details, you can communicate with us at +82-32-811-8890 or email us at

- Date: 13~16 November 2017. 
- Place: Duseeldorf, Germany  
- Hall:  16 
- Booth #:  16 C65  (Korea Pavilion) 
- Exhibitor:  Zeronitec Co., Ltd. 

Thanks you very much! 

sincerely yours, 

Zeronitec co., ltd. 


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