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What are the most advantageous features of ZERONITEC PURE series?

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1) Cassette type sterilant for multi-cycle use
For user safety and reliable global supply, PURE cassette type with 100% sealed capsules is more reliable sterilant container than large cartridge or Bottle type(with gas ventilation hole).

Most bottle-type sterilant should have ventilation hole since H2O2 chemical has it's unique characteristics of explosion in container with bulk amount . Thus, H2O2 in a bottle or in a large cartridge can leak potentially through ventilation hole during transportation or storage.
Chemical leakage can cause any potential burn to user's hands while is's handled.

Moreover, Bulk container with H2O2 has many statute of limitations to transport it by Air in accordance with IATA regulation.

To overcome disadvantages of H2O2 such like the possible leakage and limited transportation in global market.
PURE sterilant cassette is developed and designed by using multiple capsules with small quantity of H2O2.

Therefore, PURE sterilant cassette is far from transportation restriction in accordance with IATA regulation.
And also, it can be transported and stored without any concerns about h2o2 leakage and about chemical burns on user’s hands since it has leak-proof capsule type.
User and distributor can take this advantages of safety and reliable consumables supplies all the time.

It also has higher sterility assurance than other cartridge type since cassette type contain fixed dose of h2o2 in an ample for respective sterilization phase. 

2) High-end quality parts (CE certified)
PURE-series use high-end quality components for reliable brand recognition.

3)  Large LED indicator on the front door for cycle process monitoring.

 LED indicator on the front door is unique feature on our PURE series only.
 The LED indicator is helpful to monitor the status of sterilization process.
 Through large color LED indicator,  User can easily recognize the remaining time  and any error status from a distance.
 Therefore, user doesn't have to check the detailed cycle process near the small monitor screen. 

4) Strong lumen penetration without booster.
- Flexible lumen: 1mm(inner diameter) x 10,000mm (length)
- Rigid lumen: 1mm(inner diameter) x 500mm (length)
- Single through lumen: 2mm(inner diameter) x 1,500mm (length)

5) Rapid and powerful sterilization cycle time (PURE 50) and 3 programmed cycles.

 - Short cycle : 20~30 minutes (for Lumen device with short length)
 - Standard cycle : 30~40 minutes (for lumen device, most surgical device)
 - Advanced cycle: 40~50 minutes  ( for container, flexible endoscope)


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