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What are the features of Zeronitec’s cassette sterilant and other bott…

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Cassette type is more reliable sterilant container than bottle type sterilant for user safety and transportation, storage.
Cassette type can be installed without any concerns about h2o2 leakage and burns on user’s hands from leakage. Zeronitec’s PURE-series sterilant cassette have leak-proof sealed capsule type for multiple-use.
User can run 4 to 7 cycles after loding PURE SA cassette into our PURE-series Plasma sterilization system.
It's also proven for higher sterility assurance than bottle and other types since cassette type contain fixed dose of h2o2 in an capsule for respective sterilization phase. So, Zeronitec sterilant casette supply constant h2O2 solution quantatively into sterilization chamber.


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